Sometimes it is necessary to board your pet. Our staff works to keep your dog or cat comfortable and healthy during their stay—whether it’s for a day or a week—at our pet boarding facility. We attend to special requests and can quickly respond should your pet need any veterinary care, in addition to pet boarding.

If it’s your first time considering pet boarding, look no further than Wag Inn Boarding and Grooming. Learn about the pet boarding experience at our Antigo location today.

Wag Inn Pet Accommodations

Antigo pet owners can enjoy peace of mind. Dog and cat owners can expect spacious cages, as well as individual indoor runs. All pets receive water, meals, and clean bedding. Pets stay active. Your dog will be walked twice a day and felines are offered opportunities to stretch their legs. We will also administer daily medication to pets with special requirements during their stay. Please arrange this with our staff prior to drop off.

You can make the experience more comfortable by bringing your pet’s favorite toy, blanket, food, or treats. These familiar items can help your pet relax in new surroundings.

Our Pet Boarding Procedures

Our standard protocol requires all pets boarded to be current on all their vaccinations. This requirement helps us maintain the health of all dogs and cats in our care.

Arrangements should be made ahead of time should a dog or cat be missing a vaccine, as they need enough time to build their immunity to a virus. Bordatella vaccine offers protection against kennel cough and is generally recommended for dogs who will be boarded. A list of all necessary vaccinations can be provided for you upon request.

It is possible to drop off and pick up your pet throughout the week. For your convenience, we are open 8 am to 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday, and have some availability on weekends. Please arrange the time with our staff before your visit so that we can be on hand to assist you and answer any questions. We request an emergency number should we have to contact you during your pet’s stay.

We suggest bringing in a pet for an overnight stay prior to any extended boarding experience to help them feel comfortable when boarding with us. Keep in mind that grooming services may be arranged during your cat or dog’s time with us and is a common request. Speak with our staff to learn how to arrange your pet’s first stay today.